The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains

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This is the ultimate guide for cannabis connoisseurs and pot aficionados, as well as bud beginners and nug novices. Danny Danko, the Senior Cultivation Editor of HIGH TIMES, separates the folklore from the facts to get the real scoop on the highest quality sensimilla strains available to ganja growers all over the planet. Breeders from the best seed banks on Earth reveal their secrets to creating the finest Cannabis Cup champions and annual HIGH TIMES Top Ten Strain Awards winners. This compendium covers the world's top pot varieties, all meticulously researched and lovingly described in terms ranging from odors and flavors to potency levels and medicinal properties. About the Author Danny Danko is a writer, photographer and Senior Cultivation Editor of HIGH TIMES Magazine. He has written numerous articles on the subject of marijuana gardening both outdoor and indoor. Danko is the writer of Top Ten Strains of the Year every year since 2005 and also the creator and founder of the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Fame. His Get Growing Now! microsite for beginner growers on has had over 2 million pageviews since it went up in February of 2009. In addition to being an expert judge at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam numerous times and the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in San Fransisco in June of 2010, Danko has traveled the world in search of the finest buds including Barcelona, Vancouver, Northern and Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Praise for The Official HIGH TIMES Field Guide to Marijuana Strains "If you wish to become more sophisticated about the large number of strains now available, you will be hard-pressed to find a better written and superbly photographed little compendium than this book." - Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Author of Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine and Marijuana Reconsidered "In this excellent “field guide,” Danny’s years of experience translate into easy-to-reference information on more than 125 strains, all at the flip of a finger, condensing everything you need to know into an easy-to-read, well-researched, concise package with great photos too!" - Jorge Cervantes, Author of Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible "A well-organized, up-to-date strain guide by a top chronicler of the finest cannabis available. Danny Danko’s Field Guide to Marijuana Strains proves that if wine drinkers have guides to educate them about the immense varieties of wine, so too should cannabis consumers and medical patients." - Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

~ 2011. edition ~