High Times Magazine #525 - October 2019

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Boards and Buds
The Texas-based Embassy Skateboard team traveled to Southern California to take advantage of the Golden State’s legal weed scene and show out for our intrepid photographer. By Justin Cannabis

Hawaii’s Big Island Grown
We travel to Hawaii for an exclusive tour of legal medical marijuana provider Big Island Grown’s three retail dispensaries and huge cannabis growing and processing facility. By Danny Danko

How to Photograph Pot Like a Pro
If you aspire to take professional-level photos of cannabis, don’t miss this pot-pic explainer. We break down the gear you’ll need and provide helpful tips for shooting pot like a pro! By Stinkbud
2019 STASH Awards
We reveal our annual picks for the best cannabis cultivation equipment. From hydroponic units and lighting systems to nutrient solutions and growing mediums, learn the tools you need to grow great pot. By Danny Danko

Golfing High
Pot and golf make for a great pairing. If you’d like an elevated experience in your next round, check out our tips for toking up and teeing off. By Jason Wilson

History of Hybrids
We explore the remarkable breeding programs and incredible landrace genetics that have led to modern cannabis in this history of hybrid strains. By Joe Bender