High Times Magazine #524 - September 2019

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Master of Hash

Renowned hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli is borrowing ideas from the wine and cheese industries to revolutionize the world of hashmaking. Learn more about his techniques and philosophies in this exclusive. By Cassandra Purdy

The Concentrates Evolution 
We explore the unique challenges and exciting innovations in the constantly evolving world of concentrated cannabis. By Sean Black

The Return of Super Sativa Seed Club
A legendary cannabis seed producer from the 1980s is back on the scene with new strains created from a combination of old and new genetics. By Danny Danko

Healing Our Heroes
Military sexual trauma survivors are speaking out about their experiences and demanding access to cannabis to heal themselves. By Sophie Saint Thomas

Semper Fidelis
Washington-based cannabis advocacy group Twenty22Many is doing its part to provide medical marijuana to military veterans suffering from PTSD. By Caitlin Donohue 

Ed Rosenthal’s Nutrient Guide
Feeding pot plants properly is essential for growing clean and flavorful cannabis. In this excerpt from Marijuana Garden Saver, the “Ganja Guru” showcases deficiencies and how to treat them. By Ed Rosenthal