High Times Magazine #523 - August 2019

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Eyes of the Lot
The Grateful Dead created a traveling cannabis community that helped spread strains across the country. We explore the history of the band and the role pot played in a musical revolution. By Mike Hughes and Jon Cappetta

CBD Every Day 
Enjoy the benefits of CBD every day by learning to make your own infused tinctures and pain relievers at home. By Sandra Hinchliffe

East Coast Legal Weed
Take a rare tour inside the massive cultivation facility of New England Treatment Access (NETA). The products they produce are available to all adults in Massachusetts at their two impressive dispensaries. By Danny Danko
Weed Weirdness
All cannabis growers will eventually discover strange anomalies in their crop. Learn how to identify these issues and what to do if you find them in your ganja garden. By Joe Bender

Game Changer 
Nevil Schoenmakers revolutionized the marijuana industry by introducing legendary genetics to the world. We pay tribute to this master breeder and his cannabis creations. By Cassandra Purdy

Pot Etiquette 
Marijuana legalization has changed the rules surrounding pot etiquette. Learn to navigate the ever-changing world of weed with this handy guide. By Jessica Delfino