Best of High Times #81 - Top Strains on Earth

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Meet the Cookie Family
The hottest strain on the market these days in probably not what you think it is. Meet the originators of Girl Scout Cookies and find out why.  By Chris Simunek

The Strongest Strains on Earth
How high can THC levels climb? It appears the end is nowhere in sight. See where your favorite strains rank when it comes to medicating with cannabis. By Nico Escondido

The Birth of Bubba Kush
The strange saga of how one superstar strain came into being is a tale of sweet serendipity. Meet the lucky grower behind Bubba! By Dan Skye

Flavor Country
Journey to Northern California and tour a state-of-the-art greenhouse custom-designed by Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics. By Elise McDonough

The Truth About Indicas & Sativas
Explore the differences in the two main cannabis species. Learn where your favorite strains originated and the compounds that strongly influence their effects. By Nico Escondido

Seeds of Desire
Led by the master breeder known as Swerve, the Cali Connection started off as one of the first seed companies in the United States. Get an inside look at the true superstar of the American cannabusiness scene. By Dan Skye

Spring Awakening
Read your garden for another sensational season of outdoor cannabis. The master growers of 3rd Generation Family discuss their favorite techniques. By Samantha Nicholas

The Best-Tasting Buds on Earth
Your favorite terps are revealed! Using lab-testing technology and data collected from our Cannabis Cup competitions, we examine which terpenes affect the taste and smell of our favorite buds. By Nico Escondido