Best of High Times #76 - All Systems Grow Guide

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All Systems Grow
Nico Escondido provides a comprehensive list of indoor grow systems and mediums to help you decide what will work best for you, along with advanced grow tips for both hydro and soil setups.

Easy Buds for Busy People
By J. Flava
An automatic watering system combined with a low-cost and low-heat fluorescent lighting creates the perfect environment for growers with precious little time on their hands.

Get Vent!
Cultivation correspondent Erik Biksa reveals techniques to control your growroom environment, keep heat to a minimum and produce more grams of pot per watt.

Spring Pot Planting Guide
Danny Danko reveals what it takes to get a good cannabis cultivation start in the spring, so you can harvest heavy in the fall.

Non-Stop Crop
By Ben Kind
Take a look at some easy-to-follow perpetual-harvest schemes designed for the novice grower and seasoned canna-culturalist alike.

How to Open a Pot Dispensary
If you are thinking of starting a marijuana business now that Colorado’s gone legal, navigating the regulations and seed-to-sale laws are tougher than you might think. Managing Editor Jen Bernstein gets an educational tour of The Clinic to see how it’s done.

Growing on the Grid for Bigger Yields
Erik Biksa goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets to amplifying your crop.

40 Years of Growing Your Own Shrooms
By Mary Ought Six
Read the story of Homestead Book Company, creator of EZ Gro Mushroomkit, and get a lesson in using the kit.

How to Build a Cloner
By StinkBud
Sure-fire secrets for creating healthy rooted cuttings that will grow into huge harvests of pot every time.

Beginner Grow Basics
By Nico Escondido
HT’s Cultivation Editor breaks down the essentials of good horticulture in this how-to for beginners to get set up and growing right now.