Best of HIGH TIMES #73 - Master Growers Guide

Best of HIGH TIMES #73 - Master Growers Guide

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This Man is Seeing God
Reggae icon Bob Marley on music, marijuana and mankind.
(September 1976)

Foot Soldiers
By Chris Simunek
High Times searches the Cascade Mountains for the mythical Sasquatch.
(July 2010)

Jack Herer:
The High Times Interview
By Steven Hager
Our first sit-down with the Hemperor.
(April 1990)

Cheech and Chong:
The High Times Interview
By Ed Dwyer
High Times corners these cannabis clowns.
(December 1975/January 1976)

The Wisdom of Oz
By Chris Simunek
Ozzy’s take on green grass, white powder and Black Sabbath.
(March 1999)

The Story of Kush
By Danny Danko
A history of the world’s most popular strain.
(January 2011)

How to Roll a Blunt
A tried and true lesson from Cypress Hill’s expert rollers, Muggs and B-Real.
(March 1992)

Gonzo King
By Matt Higgins
Hunter S. Thompson on pot, politics and PCP.
(September 2003)

Hash Quest in Morocco
By Nico Escondido
A High Times reporter tags along on a hash-smuggling mission in North Africa.
(March 2010)

Glue Confessions
By Joe Schenkman
A twisted journey into the world of glue sniffers.
(June 1978)

Mexico: Armed & Dangerous
By Jorge Cervantes
The Grow Guru explores Mexico’s cartel country.
(November 2007)

M.O.B.: My Own Business
By William S. Burroughs
The Beat bard muses on personal freedom.
(December 1977)